The Music and Our Rooms

Music in the The Lounge is a fun blend party tracks and dance remixes of popular songs. The lounge is home to a bit of restored history, our huge midcentury modern organic shaped, full-service bar with tufted leather seating in addition to leather sofas around the room and banquette seating on the dancefloor. The Lounge is an open layout in a sexy/cool wash of blues and lavender hues.
The Lounge has two unisexed bathrooms on the same floor.

The best in today's Hip-Hop can be heard on Voyeur's Mezzanine level. The Mezzanine is the epitome of sophistication and masculine chic. Retro and vintage accessories are mixed with contemporary lighting and raw exposed brick walls. There is leather seating and VIP areas throughout the room along with a warm-glowing full-service bar. This room features a unisexed restroom.


The Main Dancefloor at Voyeur is a spectacle. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) work in tandem with Voyeur's brand new, state of the art, lightshow that leaves our guests breathless. House remixes on Voyeur's powerful 100,000 watts sound system complete with strategically placed speakers creating the sickest effect in the Philadelphia/Tri-state area.


The Dancefloor technically consists of two areas. The lower level is a 4000 squarefoot dancefloor centerpieced by an illuminated runway stage dancefloor. There are VIP and private seating areas off the dancefloor as well as two large full-service bars on each side. The Dj booth puts the talent closer to the party and is flanked by vivid LED panels that adds to the ambiance while enhancing the visual sense.

Voyeur is too cool, especially when we activate our CRYO-system that quickly drops the temperature of the hot dancefloor to refreshing 50°F. A much appreciated feature while you're getting your life on our dancefloor.

Overlooking all of this is the upper-level and VIP seating area where you, our guest, actually becomes part of the lightshow. The syncopated LED walls create a sexy backdrop for partying silhouettes as they pop bottles and toast to the night.
Each wing of the upper-level has a full-service bar, European mod seating, blinged up furnishings, and a view of the dancefloor below. Exclusive seating, Private parties and VIP bottle service is available on each wing of this level.